Trisha (sgrpsatebyabear) wrote in ask_sugarpuss,

Dear SugarBITCH,

Ha, why do you keep running away from me? From the truth? You think you are so indie, but you know what, you're not. I don't give a shit if this is WEIRD to YOU. You really fucked Amber over, I can't fucking stand it, it makes me sick. She's such a great person. That little back and forth you set up with her for her journal, wow. She acts like she is embarassed I do this. She acts that way to ME even. But she doesn't fucking deserve what you did to her. She DIDN'T FUCKING DESERVE THAT. I HAte you. You are swamp trash. I want to fucking fight you. I've known Berber online for almost seven years.When she was in PRISON thanks to YOU, you don't know what was going on in our lives, you have no fucking clue, you have no idea, we were going to get away from this shit. We were going to get straight eventually. Her mom BEATS HER. What is wrong wirth you how could you fucking do tat you fucking BITCH I fucking hate you, I wish you were fucking dead.
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Amber reported you, you moron. I'll have HER come here and tell you YET AGAIN that she's sick of your lies.

And I'm sending this to LJAbuse and getting you suspended AGAIN.

You are now banned from this community and reported again. I will continue to do this and continue to have Amber do this. Good day.

Sounds like yet another pathetic stalker to me.

If I would have caught this before you she/he/it would have been banned by me.

so loved. it's like you are a movie star or something....
Honestly, yes, Sugarpuss is right. Please stop using my name like you know me. Ive never met you in my life and if I did know you, I wouldnt be your friend. Your fucking discusting for lying about people, sugarpuss and myself included. By you putting my name in all of these lies is not only rude but your making me look like a bad person in peoples lives. And then not even only me, DO NOT include my mother in these stories, thats just plained fucked up honestly.