Lindbergh (clitvirus) wrote in ask_sugarpuss,

Dear Miss Sugahpuss:

I fractured [see: broke, sprained ] my ankle about a week ago. The E.R. prescribed me 20 Percocet. I attended MY physician today, didn't tell her about the Percocet, but asked her if she'd prescribe me some pain killers to get me through the weekend.
Naturally, on a scale from 1-10, my pain ISN'T a 9, but hey, a little white lying never hurt anyone huh? She tells me.. "Take 800mg IbProfun 3 times a day.." I said.. "I already have, it doesn't really help.."
So she prescribed me 20 "Darvocet-N 100"'s. Do you have any idea what the hell these are? I've got the general idea.. but how do they compare to Percocet, Vicoden, Codeine? ETc.
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