Bells for Her (ex_bellsforh78) wrote in ask_sugarpuss,
Bells for Her

newbie survey thing

Livejournal username: moonpetals (aka: ohsojuliet)
Name: adrienne
Age: 19
Location: westminster, ca
Status (romantic): single
Occupation: student
How did you find out about this community?: i am sugarpuss' official sidekick and pet virgin. enough said.
Five of your favorite bands/artists: tori amos (who woulda thunk?), fiona apple, type o negative, led zeppelin, placebo
Five of your favorite movies: the blair witch project (shut the fuck up), little women (newer version), romeo and juliet (both versions), les miserables, house of 1000 corpses (as if you couldn't tell?)
Five of your favorite books: anything by marion zimmer bradley, stephen king and inga muscio
What are some of your hobbies/interests?: writing, traveling, photography, antiques, astrophysics, astrology, astronomy, horror movies, computers, and a bunch of other shit i can't wrap my brain around at the moment.
A picture of you (optional):
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